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Discovering Sustainability and Nature at Belum Eco Resort

Belum Temenggor forest has been around for more than 130 million years. It’s one of the world’s oldest jungles, older than the Amazon and the Congo combined. The forest reserve is over four times the size of Singapore, with an area of 267,000 hectares. The forest is divided into two sections: the Upper Belum managed by The Royal Belum State Park, which runs all the way to the Thai-Malaysian border and covers 117,500 hectares of dense rainforest, and the Lower Belum is Temenggor Forest Reserve managed by The Perak State Forestry Department.

The forest is centred by Tasik Temengor “Temengor Lake”, stretching 75KM the man-made lake is home of a wide diversity of flora and fauna. Belum Eco Resort is the only resort with on its own island on Belum Temenggor. The 8 acre resort was born out of passion and respect for nature. The resort was completely hand-built, without the use of heavy machinery. In recognition of its effort to maintain the natural environment around Temenggor Lake.

Belum Eco resort is an island rainforest resort in the heart of nature with zero traffic, air or noise pollution. Guests at the resort will have the rare opportunity to experience the soothing beauty and mystery of the vast forest.

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