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Belum Eco Resort (BER) is the only private island resort in Lake Temenggor with pristine scenic environment offers guest a unique place to experience the 130-million year old tropical forest of Belum-Temenggor forest reserved. It is the only resort far away from Banding island where noise and air pollution from the East West highway is most disturbing. Due to our strategic location our guests enjoyed the best opportunity to spot wildlife, birds and insects in its natural habitat plus the ever surprising magical sun rise and sun set scenery that occurs from time to time.

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the only resort with its own
island in belum-temenggor

Malaysia’s largest and oldest Tropical forest reserve

BELUM ECO RESORT - World Oldest Tropical Forest

Belum Temenggor tropical forest has been around for more than 130 million years. It’s one of the world’s oldest jungles, older than the Amazon and the Congo combined. The forest reserve is over four times the size of Singapore, with an area of 267,000 hectares. The forest is divided into two sections: the Upper Belum managed by The Royal Belum State Park, which runs all the way to the Thai-Malaysian border and covers 117,500 hectares of dense rainforest, and the Lower Belum is Temenggor Forest Reserve managed by The Perak State Forestry Department.

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Belum Eco resort is an island rainforest resort in the heart of nature with zero traffic, air or noise pollution. Guests at the resort will have the rare opportunity to experience the soothing beauty and mystery of the vast forest.

Discover 290 species of freshwater fish

Explore Belum Temmengor's large ecosystem

Discover Malaysia's oldest tropical forest

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ming c
ming c

17 August 2019

stay at the boat house, nice and cooling, and the owner share his interesting life story and play two documentary film for us to understand more on Belum Temenggor.

cW gan
cW gan

4 December 2018

Lovely and relaxing place with friendly staff and great food. The place has resident oriental pied hornbill. You can stay at the boat house at the jetty or chalet with scenic view on the island.


22 December 2018

Excellent getaway island resort in the south of Temenggor Lake. The proprietor is friendly, hospitable & knowledgeable of the Belum Rainforest..


Choose between Temenggor tour and Royal Belum Tour.
Same content but different location.



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RM 750*

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*(For Overseas Booking) *RM780/Per Adult RM390/For Children Below 12 Years Old*

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RM 470 for children
below 12

(For Overseas Booking) *RM980/Per Adult RM490/For Children Below 12 Years Old*