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Belum Eco Resort Promo 2.0

Description: Too much stress? Under pressure? Come to Tasik Temenggor for holiday!


Team Building Belum Eco Resort

Description: Bring your whole company, family and friends to enjoy the beautiful life


Have a Break at Belum Eco Resort!

Description: Give yourself a break and have a splendid time at Tasik Temenggor


Beauty Along Your Journey

Description: This is some of the view you could expect to see on your journey to the jetty


Jetty and Boat Cruising

Description: Your last stop, the jetty before you embark into the greatest experience you will ever had.


Tasik Temenggor for Anglers

Description: The lake has a rich variety of freshwater fish including Toman, Sebarau, Tenggalan, Baung and even the renown Kelah, proving ample challenge to fishing.


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